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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Efficient ECCO Stove Now Available in the U.S.

Pete West, Managing Director of ECCO Stove in Studley, U.K. announced today that HearthMasters, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri is their new supplier for U.S. customers.

HearthMasters, Inc. is a chimney, fireplace, and masonry heater contractor serving the greater Kansas City area and a supplier for customers and hearth professionals across the United States. They recently added the highly efficient ECCO stove to their line of products. HearthMasters, Inc. has been in business since 1982.

“We are so pleased to add ECCO stove to our line of products due to its efficiency ratings and superb benefits,” said Marge Padgitt, President of HearthMasters, Inc. “I believe that this is an appliance that is far superior to a standard wood-burning stove, and once consumers find out about the differences, they will, too, said Marge.” 

The ECCO stove is a hybrid appliance with features of a wood stove and a masonry heater combined. Multiple color and trim options are available to suit any d├ęcor.

As a brief introduction to the product range the Ecco Stove is a masonry heater that has been developed to achieve maximum efficiency by combining both conventional wood burning stove and slow heat release technology. It ha been in production in the U.K. since 2008. The Ecco Stove drives warmth through much more of the home without the need for plumbing, ducting, or electrical requirements using a Natural Heat method due to the patented Silicon Carbide (mineral/stone) body. 

Key features:

·  Slow heat release – Heat held in the stove body radiates for 7-12 hours after the fire has gone out.
·  One control – A simple mechanism makes getting the best out of your Ecco Stove easy.
·  Balanced heating – Won’t over heat the room with hot and cold spots. Ecco Stove wraps the home in warmth with even heat distribution.
·  Low maintenance – Incredibly hard-wearing parts with 10-year warranty on the body.
·  High efficiency – Very low emissions passing the new 2022 Design standards for Europe.
·  Less re-fueling– From as little as two fires per day depending on home insulation levels and property size.
·  Safer environment – A much lower surface temperature than conventional wood burning stoves make the Ecco Stove much safer for children and pets to be around.
·  Clean environment – Carbon neutral efficiency helping the environment by only producing the same CO emissions as a tree decomposing naturally.
·  Made in the UK – Manufactured and invented in the UK the Ecco Stove is now exporting to Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, and the U.S..
·    UL Tested - Efficiency test, UL1482-10, Method 28A exemption test and the Washington and Colorado parallel.

The E678 and E850 models are currently available in the U.S. since they are tested to U.L. Standards. HearthMasters, Inc. is able to ship the ECCO stove anywhere in the United States. Unlike other manufactured stoves, a local hearth dealer is not necessary to place an order. The appliance and chimney should be installed by a professional, and HearthMasters will assist homeowners in finding a qualified installer in their area with a network of hearth professionals.

“There really is nothing else like this appliance. Compared to a masonry heater, the ECCO stove is much less expensive and faster to install, yet it produces heat economically just as a large masonry heater. I am certain that the ECCO stove will become extremely popular across the United States in a short amount of time,” said Padgitt.

For more information visit or call Marge Padgitt at 816-461-3665. Email:

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